family session information

Welcome to the family photography prep packet!

I’m so excited to meet and photograph your family!
Thank you for choosing me to capture these precious memories for you.

First things first. You will receive a link to the client questionnaire shortly if you haven’t already. The questionnaire is a tool I use to get to know my clients before a session so I can customize your shoot to you and your family. Respond to the questions to the best of your ability and add any details you’d like me to know prior to the session. Submit the questionnaire we can finalize details of your session, one of the most important being location.

I have several gorgeous locations around the city that are tried and true. Clients narrow down location based on answers to the questionnaire. Be sure to specify if you prefer outdoorsy, urban, creek, etc. From there, I can offer several suggestions. If you’d prefer a little of both, we can do that too.

Time of shoot
Please keep in mind that I’m very picky about the times of day that I shoot. I prefer shooting early morning or late afternoon/evening only. It’s when light is the best, and I do not shoot during “high noon” outside. Early morning shoots consist of the hour the sun is rising or up to an hour following sunrise and evening shoots are typically (2) hours before sunset. Those times change throughout the year, so I may move shoots back or forward a half hour or so to accommodate sunset. Since the times I choose to shoot usually run into meal times, please don’t hesitate to bring snacks, food, drinks, etc. to your shoot. Full bellied kiddos are happy kiddos! And I don’t mind in the least taking a break from shooting to please the kiddos.

I’m here and available to help you choose wardrobe. You’re welcome to text or call me while you’re clothes shopping for my opinion if you’d like. I try to be as available as possible. Wardrobe should also mesh with location, so keep that in mind. Some outfits look out of place in an urban setting, some look out of place in an outdoorsy setting, so keep that in mind too. The best advice is to be comfortable because it is very obvious when clients are uncomfortable in their clothing during a shoot. All colors are welcome but keep neon colors to a minimum as they cause reflection on skin.

Tips and tricks
Allow me to work with your children. Don’t feel stressed out trying to get your babies to smile, behave, listen, etc. Remember, I teach special education preschool and work with 30 preschoolers on a daily basis. I understand the stress that comes along with pictures, so please let me do all the work for you. I can usually get the most genuine smiles when mom and dad are off around the corner and allowing me to work with the kids one on one. No threats or bribery needed.

During a shoot, minimal props are used because they are not always appropriate. If you have specific props you would prefer to incorporate into a session, let me know ahead of time or in the client questionnaire. I will do my best to incorporate these pieces into your shoot. I always have blankets and quilts in my car for sessions and boxes or baskets for the little ones to sit on. I am always up for using nature as “props” and will often find a rock or stump or tree to have you sit on. With that being said, I love to see parents include meaningful toys, stuffed animals, books, blankets, etc. in their family and children shots. These items give your child comfort and may allow for more genuine emotions throughout the session.

Overall, your session is supposed to be FUN! Fun for you, your family, and me. I am a loud and happy person and love to laugh, joke, run, jump, tickle and roll around in the grass; especially if it will increase my chances of a genuine smile. I love when clients become friends and I am able to watch their family grow even after a session is done. Be prepared to be in images, even if you schedule a session just for your child. You won’t regret the images later and I almost always force mom and dad to take a few cheesy shots together, too. You’ll thank me later!

Session tip: Sit back, relax, and enjoy precious time with your family.
I’ll do all the work!

For wardrobe tips, read below…
Tip 1: Don’t be afraid of color! Long gone are the days of white and black, white and khaki and matchy-matchy. Fair skinned/white blonde haired children don’t photograph well in white unless covered with a shirt, sweater, jacket, scarf or other item that would add depth and color. I have a blonde-haired and blue eyed little guy and white tends to wash out his sweet face. Same goes for mom and dad. Embrace the color!

Tip 2: Coordinating colors is key. But matching is not. Be creative with your outfits.

Tip 3: Accessorize and layer! Wear different jewelry than your ‘everyday’ attire, include fun headpieces for your daughter’s hair, etc. Examples for layering and accessorizing include: headbands, scarves, necklaces and other fun jewelry, belts, cardigans, hats, and blazers.

Tip 4: Twins? Don’t dress them alike. The “coordinating” rule applies here, too.

Tip 5: Struggling to find outfits? Find one outfit you love and plan everyone else’s outfits around that outfit. Sometimes it’s easier to find an outfit that mom is comfortable in and coordinate everyone else’s around hers.

Tip 6: Got boys? Accessorize! Hats, ties, suspenders, rolled jeans, etc. I love places like H&M and Gap Kids for boys.

Tip 7: Avoid fluorescent colors. No neon colors as they tend to color cast on your faces and hair. Stick with a variety of primary colors such as red/maroon/burgundy, yellow/mustard, blue/navy/mint/royal.

Tip 8: Don’t wear a lot of green for your session if your session is in spring or summer. There is already a lot of green outside. Feel free to accent with green!

Tip 9: Wear clothes that FIT. Don’t wear baggy clothes because they are less flattering for pictures. Wear outfits that are tailored to your body.

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions or text me if you want outfit advice! 🙂

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